Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid - division POP

Welcome to division POP. Since September 2012 Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid (licensed by the Austrian authorities) has offered courses in Pop and Songwriting. The main aim of these courses is to provide musical training in all areas of popular music (Pop, Rock, Soul, R’n’B, World, Electronic, Alternative...) which is comprehensive, innovative, unique and career-based.


We offer Songwriting for Pop as well as Pop Vocals, Pop Piano, Pop Guitar, Pop Bass and Pop Percussion as main artistic subjects. These studies are accompanied by a wide range of practical teaching units, such as Band Coaching, Sound Technology, Computer and Studio Training, Staging, the Performance Industry and many more.


Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid is a private Viennese institution with full governmental approval and has approximately 700 students from over 45 different countries. It is held in high esteem both at home and abroad as a leading educational centre. We offer Artistic and Pedagogical Diplomas for both instruments and vocals. Our certificates and Diplomas are granted equal recognition to those issued by state-run institutions. Our lecturers and professors at Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid consider it their duty to impart their enthusiasm for music-making, as well as providing professional training and meeting the individual needs of every student.


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